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Why Neon – Melbourne

Neon signs are an extremely adaptable and striking type of lighting display.  Signposting your business, generating foot traffic and adding a little pizazz to any business.

Our handmade neon signs are constructed by bending glass tubes into letters, shapes and other fully customisable architectural structures, which are then filled with inert gas. When a power efficient, high-voltage electrical current flows through the gas, the tubes glow, emitting a coloured light of your choosing.

Neon signs ruby neon melbourne

Not only can Ruby Neon Signs manufacture your neon signs, but we can also install them injust about anywhere at your request, such as directly onto a wall, hung or suspended from chain / wire or even left free standing on a secure frame or stand. We've got neon signage solutions to suit any application.


For more in-depth advice or enquries on our wide range of manufacture and installation options, give us a call or send an email and one of our knowledgeable team members will happily help you.


Factory 18, 326 Settlement Road

326 Settlement Road

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0414 515 531

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