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26 years of experience

Ruby Neon Signs is a direct manufacturer of Neon Tubing Signs and 3D acrylic fabrication for over 26 years experience in the signage industry.

Neon Signage – Melbourne

Let the whole world know about your business with effective neon signs from RUBY NEON SIGNS. The company serves all of Melbourne.

Established in 1990, RUBY NEON SIGNS specialises in neon signs, 3D illuminated signs and custom neon signs for different businesses. If you are looking to get your business noticed in the most efficient way, please contact our friendly team.

Light Up Your Business

It is often said that a business without effective signs is a sign of no business.
If you own a company, retail shop or any other business, how will you make the public know about it if there are no advertising signs? Signs are important as they help you display your business logo. Business and advertising signs are an excellent means of communication. At RUBY NEON SIGNS, we have a wide selection of business signs. Give our professional team a call. They'll be glad to help you with all your signage needs.

We manufacture and install your business signs!

The Benefits of Neon Signs

Neon signs are tubes filled with neon or other types of gas. When electricity is added, the gas produces a bright light. Businesses use neon signs as an effective means of marketing tools. Neon signs can be put either inside or outside your store or commercial space to communicate your message and enhance brand awareness. Neon lights can last for years if they are properly designed, built and installed. They use significantly less energy than traditional lights. Advertise your business with the neon signs manufactured by the experts at RUBY NEON SIGNS. Call us or send us an email. We promise quality customer service every single time.

Let us help you find the custom illuminated signage system that is best for you and your business!

Advantages of Choosing Us:

  • Years of experience
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Competitive prices
  • Custom made Neon Signs
  • Professional and reliable staff
  • Quality work and service

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Factory 18, 326 Settlement Road

326 Settlement Road

Thomastown, VIC



0414 515 531

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